Sunday, January 4, 2015

December In a Nutshell

Mylea being silly while being photo bombed by Daddy.
Chance officially became a Holmes. His adoption finally was complete.
Landry loves wearing Daddy's hat.
Landry and Maribette shopping together.
Maribette ' s favorite place to be is sitting by the Hallmark tree.
Caught red-handed sampling some snacks.
We found Landry 's nickname on a shirt.
Group snack time
                  Our elves, Pilot and Snowflake,
                            Came back for a visit.
 All three girls sleeping together.
Lots of playing going on.
We met up with some of Landen ' s family for lunch. My and Brayson were glad to see each other.
Yes  that is a train stuck in Landry ' s hair.
 Chuck E Cheese with Daddy.
Maribette hanging out with Sophia.
Clearing before the NYC ball drops.
Ran in to Brayson at CEC.
Sweet little ones.
Big Hero wasn't available at Disney so we found a photo spot at the movies. movie ever!!!! Love Landen's pose.
The girls demonstrating the it frozen powers before church. 

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