Sunday, January 4, 2015

Believers Christmas Creations

Way back before life got busy I had good intentions of keeping this blog up to date. I have recently been reminded that nothing has been updated since our trip to see Mickey. So here goes.....

Our homeschool group, Believers, put on a Christmas Creations party for the elementary and preschool kids. There were around 80 kids participating.  I took Mylea and Landry and left the other two with mom.

Our first Christmas Creations stop was making oreos balls. The kids did everything.....smashing oreos,  mashing in cream cheese with their fingers, and dipping the ball in the chocolate.  Landry was not happy when she was told to smash the cookies. She just cried as she smashed. All she was interested in was eating the cookie. Mylea enjoyed this station and keeps asking to make more at home.

Next we headed to the craft station. Mylea went with the older kids while Landry befriended a junior high girl in the preschool craft room. Each girl made several ornaments for their Christmas trees.

Our last station was the best. One family in the group baked 400 sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. The girls had baker bags of icing, bowls of icing, candy and sprinkles to choose from. Mylea had fun using the baker bags while Landry wanted her entire plate covered in sprinkles.

It was a fun day with the big girls.  We are so thankful for our homeschool group and all the wonderful acticites they plan every month.

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