Sunday, August 18, 2013

Surgery Time

This past Sunday, we headed to Little Rock to stay with WeWe and Bonnie. Maribette was scheduled for surgery first thing Monday morning. It was nice not having to drive 2 1/2 hours early Monday morning.
 The older kids stayed with Jo and Grandad so Maribette had all the attention.
 It was a quiet drive.
 We arrived at Children's a little before 8. 
They were right on schedule so we didn't have very long to wait. 
 We were worried how MB would do with not being allowed liquids after midnight. 
She did awesome! All smiles and her sweet little self.
 Happily waiting to go back
 The Dr came out and told us that MB did great. We were told to plan on seeing her in about an hour but just a few minutes later, we were sent to recovery.
 Waiting on us in recovery was a bright eyed, smiling, hungry Maribette.
 A short thirty minutes later and we were being discharged. 
 Loading up and reading to head home.
 My favorite picture from this past week. MB in her little (big) scrubs before surgery.

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