Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Week In Photos

Having a fun day while MB was at Children's Hospital
 Stained ...
Landry loves blueberries! Somehow her legs, arms, mouth, fingers, everywhere was stained blue after breakfast
 Nothing like buying winter coats during summer....
She didn't want to take it off
 One more CEC trip during the summer.
Something I don't want to forget about during this visit...
All the girls were playing in different areas of Chuck E Cheese. As I was making rounds checking on them, I come back to find Landry no longer in the play area. Where was she? She was sitting at a different table, with a fork in her mouth, eating someone else's jello salad. She kept trying to go back. When she would see me getting close, she would tell me to "stop".
 Silly little ones

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