Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Activity Night 1

Once again, this Christmas season, we are doing a fun nightly activity to countdown the days until Jesus' birthday. Every morning, we pull a wrapped paper out of our tree, unwrap it and see what we get to look forward to when daddy gets home. 

 Friday night, Mylea was given the task of going angel tree shopping. We went to the mall for her to choose her angel. She looked around until she found a 5 year old girl. The girl was wanting many of the toys that Mylea liked so it was easy for Mylea to shop.

We went to Toys R Us to pick up items on the angels wish list. Mylea was happy to get her a doodle bear. Well, maybe not happy to give the girl a doodle bear but she was happy thinking that she would get to keep the doodle bear. When we returned back to the mall to drop off our clothes and toys, Mylea was still hoping that the doodle bear would be hers to keep. As soon as we turned the toys in, the tears began to fall. Mylea wanted to know why she wasn't getting to keep the toy since she did something good for the little angel girl. After explaining this girl had nothing and that Mylea was here to do something for another child, she still didn't like the idea of letting go of the doodle bear. Finally, after some long minutes and some long talks, My was ok with giving all the new toys away.
 We stopped by Cherry Berry on the way home to enjoy a sweet treat.

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