Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Activity #21

This activity has been a week long process. This year, Mylea and I decided to have some fun with the Christmas wrapping. At the $Tree we found some brown wrapping paper and some poster paint. Mylea was given the task of decorating every present. Some of the pictures are unique, some funny, and some are a drawing of what is wrapped up. Here's a peek at some of the finished packages. 
 This gift is for Ryan or Ryan Poo as My calls him. She says it's both of them smiling while looking at lights in Muskogee.
 For Chance, Mylea drew a tree, snowman, and a manger scene. She said that since it's his first Christmas, she has to tell him all about tress, snowmen, and Jesus. I think the nativity scene is my favorite of all. I love her sheep watching over Baby Jesus. 

 Daddy got a huge took lots of concentration.

 The Santa drawing is pretty funny.
 Buddy (our elf) throwing a snowball.
 An angel singing in the clouds.
 Jesus dying on the cross....with blood, nails, and a crown of thorns. 
(I don't know why my picture rotated and won't go back to normal).
 A gigantic sunflower

 Some of the finished packages. 
Notice our tree ornaments that were at the bottom of the tree have all been moved up higher. 
Thanks to Landry for pulling the off.

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