Monday, August 20, 2012

Tulsa Trip

Last week was my mom's birthday. We decided to take a day trip to Tulsa for lunch at our favorite resturant  for a birthday outing. We left early Monday morning and arrived at Las Cabos just in time for lunch. Mylea loves the huge fountains inside. She was the cutest thing standing by the fountain making a wish with such a serious face. 
 After lunch, we let Mylea have a fun day at the mall. Our first stop was the carousel. Little Ms. could ride this thing all day and never get tired of it.
This was Landry's first ride and she loved it.
Mylea had some of her own money to spend so we headed over to Build A Bear. Mylea picked out a monkey that she named "Tink".

Tink had to have a bath before getting dressed.

Tink and Mylea wanted to ride the carousel a few more times.

Our last stop was the play area. The girls had a good time running (or rolling for Landry) some energy off before we got them back in the car seats.
We stopped by Zio's for some yummy supper before starting the trip back home. Over dinner, we decided that we might as well make a night of it and find a hotel. Since we had not planned on staying, we had to go to the store and pick up some necessities. Good thing there was a SuperTarget close by!!

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