Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Today was a big day in the Holmes' house! 
Mylea Jo headed off to preschool this morning. She will be going two days a week at 
FBC Greenwood. We have been doing lots of school work at home, but my little social bug 
wanted to go to a real school. Mylea got to meet her teacher, Ms. Ashley, last Sunday and has 
been so excited ever since.

 Landen woke Mylea up this morning and she quickly got ready to go. We had to take time for many pictures to remember this special day. 
 Notice the princess pose....hands on hip and toes pointing in the air. I was shocked when she said dentist. I expected her to say princess or something to do with DisneyLand.
 Poor little Landry is going to have to get use to sissy being gone two days a week.
 We arrived at school and Mylea beat me out of the car. She was determined to carry everything inside all by herself. I told her to "have a great day and I would be back later". Mylea quickly replied "well, you can walk me to my room today....but only today!".
 Unloading her supplies in her cubbie.
 Mylea's sweet teacher Ms. Ashley. Mylea already loves her!
 Mylea quickly found a center and got busy coloring. 
I picked My up this afternoon and school was a huge success. She was disappointed that she didn't have any homework. Ms. Ashley said that would be next week, but Mylea wanted some for tonight. I asked My what her favorite part of the day was and she said "all of it...school is great"!!

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