Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Fun Playful Day

Mylea and I had the best day today!!!!

This morning we headed to the library for a special storytime. The kids wore their Halloween costumes and had a little party afterwards. Mylea was so excited to go as "Belle". We found her costume while in Dallas. She has been begging to wear it, but wasn't allowed to until library this week.

Ms. Belle was waiting on her friends to arrive. I was so proud of her for leaving her hair on!

My sweet Princess Belle!

Listening to Ms Robin and Ms Judy read books!

Mylea loves to see Fred the library dog every week. She always asks me if Fred will be there.

Little Ms Belle thought I didn't notice her taking the wig off.

Mylea was super excited to see her friend "J" at the library. She was very interested in the stuffed animal.

After the Halloween party, Mylea, "A", and "J" had a great time being silly. Us mommas enjoyed getting to sit and chit- chat while they played!
"J" was trying to wake up sleeping Mylea.

The silly girls sat in the window to read books to all the animals.

I love this picture of "J".

Mylea was getting on to the sheep for talking and not listening to the story.

Mylea and "J" puting their animals to bed.
After library, Mylea and I ran to drop some things off at Ms. "Carol win"'s store. Mylea loves to go there and get some candy from the bucket. She loves the hand that attacks you when you grab a piece of candy.

Next we were off to Sams. I was so mad when I realized that my camera was in the car. We picked the perfect time to go. There were food samples EVERYWHERE!!!! Mylea tried every thing she could find. When I asked her what was for lunch, she replied "I'm full from Sams". I'll have to plan more trip there during lunchtime!
All this fun and running around makes for one tired princess!!!

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Em said...

Looks like a fun and full day!