Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dallas Day 1

We headed to Dallas for a quick relaxing weekend. My mom, Mylea, and myself left early Saturday morning. We wanted to hit the outlet mall before the boys arrived. We left around 9:30 that morning and planned on being at the hotel by 7ish.

Mylea was excited to go to a hotel.

When we arrived at the mall, it was packed!!! It looked like the day after Thanksgiving. We fought our way through the crowds and fond some great deals.

Mylea got to watch cartoons while we shopped in Gymboree.

The mall had quarter rides along the sidewalks. These were a great way for Mylea to have fun between stores.

We stopped for a quick snack at the fountain.

Well, we planned on being at the hotel around 7:00. It was almost 10:00 when we checked in. Oh well....
This is what happens after a long day of shopping.

Mylea got a quick nap and then played in the bath before going to bed.

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