Thursday, May 13, 2010


What a GREAT FUN day I had with my girls!!!!!

This morning, I picked up my girls from Grandad and Jo's house (Sunday and Wednesday they stay with the grandparents) and we headed to storytime at the library. My girls LOVE storytime!!! Ms Robin and Ms Judy had a great time planned.

After several songs and books, the kiddos moved to the craft room to make frog puppets. I was so excited that (for once) Mylea didn't attempt to lick the gluestick like a lolli-pop!

After crafts, the girls enjoyed eating snacks with their friends.

The library has a great play area for the kiddos. There are many computers, puzzles, mats, and stuffed book characters to play with. Leightyn always begs to play on the computer. Mylea sat and played a few minutes before heading off to play puzzles with her friends.

After the library, the girls and I went to Creekmore park to ride the train and play before lunch.

After the park, we headed to Applebee's to meet Jo, Grandad, and Nigel for our usual Thursday lunch. After eating their food, Leightyn and Mylea enjoyed some yummy ice cream and pudding.

Before heading home, the girls went and got haircuts. The following picture cracks me up. The hairdresser told Mylea to close her eyes really really tight so that her hair wouldn't tickle her. Well, Mylea to the hairdresser for her word....

What a great Day!!!!! Thank you God for my sweet precious girls!!!!
"For this child I have prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition of which
I asked" 1 Samuel 1:27

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