Thursday, May 20, 2010

Riding On A Beautiful Day

Leightyn and Mylea LOVE to play outside. This past week, the majority of their time outside has been spent riding their bikes. Leightyn was so excited about teaching Mylea to use her pedals on her tricycle.
Today, there was a neighborhood girl out on her bike and scooter. Leightyn would just watch her ride up and down the street asking over and over "how come I can't ride on the street?". After we discussed safety rules, I let her ride a few mailboxes down on each side of our house. She was tickled to death...with big eyes, she said "you mean I can ride with the big girl on the street...oh thank you thank you momma!".

Mylea wanted to ride with Leightyn, but ended up practicing riding her scooter so that she could one day soon ride with Leightyn.

Macy came over and helped Mylea cheer on Leightyn as she passed by.

Daddy came home from work and Mylea gave him a push around the driveway.

After supper, we went back out for some more bike riding. At this time, we let Mylea ride with Leightyn from our house to Macy's house. Mylea thought she was a BIG girl getting to do this!

It was a great beautiful day for some bike riding and for meeting some new friends in the neighborhood. Leightyn has asked all evening when she will get to ride with her "new best friend" again.

Oh yeah....we talked to the girls about what to do when a car comes. Several times the girls were in such a hurry to get to the side of the road that they about tipped their bikes over.

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