Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Day Wednesday

The girls and I had a fun day with Jo on Wednesday. We have had this day planned for atleast a month. Macy is at her grammies so it was just my girls, my mom, and I.

We started our day at the library. On Wednesday, the library hosted an "All Day Make and Take Craft" day. Leightyn and Mylea LOVE going to the library and craft projects make the trip even better. The girls began their library adventure on the computers. Leightyn plays on the computers at least one trip a week. Mylea had her first computer day on Wednesday. While Leightyn played Elmo's Reading Adventure, Mylea played with the Little People community. Mylea found the singing activity and loved it. While wearing her headphones, she sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". I think we might have started something new for Mylea.

After playing on the computer, Leightyn and Mylea spent some time doing puzzles. Both of the girls love to do puzzles. Leightyn likes the hard jig saw puzzles and Mylea is starting to enjoy some of the harder puzzles.

Once the puzzles were completed and put back on the shelf, we headed to the craft room. The librarians and workers had several different crafts set up to complete. While Jo and I got things together, Leightyn and Mylea dug for spiders in a tub of rice. Mylea had fun pouring the rice from cup to cup.

The girls completed all kinds of crafts. They made: bat hats, corn cobs, scarecrows, pumpkins, fall leaves, and fall pictures. There were some really cute crafts. Leightyn took her time wanting all of them to look perfect. For some reason, Leightyn has started having a thing about getting glue on her fingers. When she had glue on them, we had to wipe them off before she would continue working on her craft. Mylea was all about gluing things to paper. For one project, Mylea glued sunflower seeds and string to make a picture of the inside of a pumpkin. Instead of just gluing the seeds to the paper, Mylea had to first lick the salt off the sunflower seeds and then glue them down. When she was out of seeds, Mylea would pull the seeds off the glue, relick them, and then put them back in the glue.

After craft time, the girls, Jo, and I ran a few errands before meeting Daddy and Uncle Nigel at Red Lobster for lunch. It was a great relaxing day. The library did an awesome job putting together their craft day!

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