Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adding To Our Family!!

So we have made an addition to our family (and no....I am not pregnant). Today the girls and I headed to the fish store to meet up with my dad. Leightyn was going to help him pick out some crabs and fish for his aquarium. Well somehow, we ended up with fish to bring to our house. I am not sure it this was a planned trip or not. Anyways, Leightyn told grandad that she wanted some fish like him. Grandad was not about to say no to that. I think he was excited that she wanted some fish. So here are our three new additions, as named by Leightyn)....George (Curious George), Martha (Martha Speaks), and Clifford. Let me just say that I am happy that we got fish and not a HAMSTERS!!!!!

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Ashley said...

Congratulations on the fish!!! They make great pets. I will have to admit when I saw your title I was expecting baby news :)