Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Finally Made It Inside....

Chuck E Cheese!!!!!

So....today was a huge milestone in our lives! After going to the summer movie, Mylea told me that she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. I couldn't believe my ears. We have not be inside CEC in many, many, many months! The last time I took her, we got to the door and it became a major meltdown. Mylea could see ChuckE in the window. She kept telling me that "sissy told me that ChuckE was gonna get me".

Well, today, as soon as we arrived, Mylea began looking for ChuckE through the window. Once inside, it took some convincing to play games. We played for a while and saw ChuckE coming out from his home. At one point, Mylea turned around and saw the big mouse behind her. She panicked for a second but then began laughing at ChuckE dancing. Mylea continued to play games and ignored ChuckE. She was so excited to be able to cash in tickets that we have saved for over a year.

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