Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday, while Landen was working, my mom and I took Mylea to the local pumpkin farm. We have been several times with Leightyn, but Mylea didn't remember coming before. When we arrived, Mylea was so excited to see that there was a kitty to play with.

The farm has several hands on activities to do while waiting on the hayride. We had fun floating the ducks down the pipe. Mylea said that it was to hard and was ready to move on to another activity.

Mylea was very entertained by the goats. She actually fed them all by herself! This was a first!

The goat area had a conveyor belt that sent food to the goats that were hanging out way up high.

Mylea thought it was funny to see the goats up in the trees.

This goat was all about the food. As soon as Mylea started sending the food up, the goat began licking the belt and couldn't wait for his food to arrive.

The little pigs were "so cute".

It was time for the hayride. The ride takes you around the pond and to the horses before dropping you off at the corn maze.

Mylea loved this horse.

This picture reminds me of Leightyn two years ago. She loved the horses!!!

At the corn maze, it was Mylea's job to get us out.

Still lost in the corn field.

Once we made it out of the maze, we headed to the pumpkin patch to find our pumpkins.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin!

Found it!!!!!

Getting a ride back to the car
What a great day at the farm!

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